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The Foundry session 1

 Will Vernon a human wizard (Alan)
 Ur'Phif' a hyena clan orc fighter (Sterling)
 J'sperel' a falcon clan orc ranger (Tony)
 A thousand years ago, the planes of the Birnbaran was a province of the kingdom of Agoel. Under King Kaskglios the Wise, the land flourished, and the people were happy. Then war knocked on the Southern border...
 From beyond the Karub forest, a brutal and deadly force – bent on conquest – swept through the land, burning villages and murdering the peaceful folk who lived there, even down to the last woman and child.
 The king sent an army down from the Northern mountains to block the progress of this atrocity. It looked like the conquerers might be pushed back, until one Autumn night....
 There was a disturbance in the heavens, and the plains fell to the rising empire of Glesdain.
 About twenty years ago, a caravan of political refugees fled from the capitol city of the Glesdain Empire. They eventually settled on the site of the last stand of the Birnbaran planes, naming their small village after the planes, and the battle that had taken place there.
 The village grew quickly, as villages are want to do when built on the crossing of two major trade routs. And soon a festival grew up on the Autumnal equinox, to celebrate the history of the land, and the freedom that was found here.
 Alliances have been forged between the people of Birnbaran village, and both the druids, and hyena clan orcs in the Karub forest, and the mountain men, and hawk clan orcs on the Agolean Plateau.
 So far Glesdain's leadership has not bothered to pay any heed to this settlement, but the people are constantly alert for a messenger, or worse, an army to show up.
 Slightly of more immediate importance is the ring of bandits who have been commandeering goods traveling from the villages to the North. The shepherds have been asking for something to be done about this problem, but until someone can locate the bandits hideout, nothing can be done.
 I began in the village of Birnbahran as the Autumnal festival is ringing to a close.
 Jendra madlestien, the matriarch of the village is leading the benedictory rituals, when a redheaded woman in a fur lined cloak rides up to the bale fire, and almost falls out of her saddle with exhaustion. Her daughter, Hope is missing...
 The party quickly sets to discovering what rumours are being spread, (the woman is a sorceress and she had an orc lover at one point, and that it is suspected she ensorcled her husband) and getting into the house where the woman was taken, to talk to her. Along the way, they bump into the woman's neighbor, Bant.
 Convincing Maega (the begrieved mother) Jendra and rafe (the local inkeeper) to send them on the quest to rescue the child was the next task. Aparently the wizard was a bumbling kind....lots of good role play here, as well as some rolling of dice.
 Rafe handed the PCs a ransom note that the mother had been holding in her hands... Apparently Bant was to meet the bandits in Beridell woods in four days (it took a day for the woman to ride to the village, and would take two days to walk to the meeting place, so the party was to leave the next morning.
 I instilled mistrust in Bant pretty early, as well as in Maega a mistrust I was quite happy to see.
 The fighter was chosen to go visibly as a guard with Bant, and the other two characters were to shadow an hour behind... The journey North was uneventful save for finding a fairy circle an hour into the woods.
 There were four bandits ready One holding the girl, and an obvious leader. The fighter stalled as long as he could for the other PCs to catch up, but the leader got tired, and knocked Bant out... which precipitated the inevitable battle.
 The battle was over in a matter of six rounds, in the middle, the ranger grabbed the girl away from the bandit who was holding her.
 The party returned to the village, fully knowing that they might be followed...
 When the mother saw the child, she screamed that it was not her daughter, but a fetch sent to deceive her.
 Not trusting the mother, the fighter insisted someone else dispell the glammar.... Jendra, who had been a priestess of Llunadi touched the child, and it was nothing more than a mandrake root.
 Thus ended session 1. I gave 200XP to each PC....
 threads the PCs are interested in persuing.....
 the missing father:
 Can they find the real child?
 The woods seem like a great place to flush out of monsters and other baddies.
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